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Beach Food: 5 Simple Beach Snack Ideas

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If you’re planning a day at the beach make sure you stock that cooler box with all your favorite treats. Having a meal at the beach can get a little messy with all that sand and wind so here are five simple and healthy beach snacks you could take with you. With all that fun you got to eat too.

  1. Fruit Salad or Fresh Fruit

fruitsaladThe key is to keep it simple. Choose some of your favorite fruits and chop them up into bite size pieces. Make sure these fruits can stay fresh long after they have been cut. Fruits like pineapple, grapes, strawberries, kiwi and peach could be mixed together or even eaten separately. Just make sure they are properly frozen before you take them with you so that you can enjoy them in the heat. Don’t forget your spoons!

2. Sandwiches and wraps

sandwiches_and_wrapsSome of the best beach foods you could take with you to the beach are pre-made sandwiches or wraps. For sandwiches avoid using regular bread that can get soggy after a while instead try making sandwiches with bagels or croissants. Tomatoes are more likely to make a sandwich soggy so carry them in a separate bag and add them on just before you eat it. Use pita bread if you prefer to take wraps. A pita bread wrap will stay dry and is easy to eat. Try to carry the dressing or toppings separately and add them just before you eat it, it will taste much fresher then.

3. Vegetables

vegetablesAnother healthy and yet simple snack that you can have on the beach is some of your favorite raw vegetables. Carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli and tomatoes are ideal as you can have them with a dip or make a large salad. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients. Just be sure to pack your salad dressing separately and use it just before you eat.

4. Cheese

cheeseCheese is an excellent snack that will keep sand out. Take cheese that doesn’t melt easily in the sun. Cheddar or Swiss cheese would be a more suitable choice. Pack them in tiny individual cubes and have them with bread sticks, crackers or even some fruits.

5. Granola Bar

 You cannot go wrongranolag with a Granola bar. They are very healthy, filling and they come in separate packs so it’s easy to eat.

Opt for more finger snacks which make it easier to eat on the beach with all that sand around you. Make sure you take plenty of water or juices to keep your body hydrated. Coconut water (http://thebeach.com/beach-blog/viewpost/186.html) is also a healthy choice for your body especially when you’re on the beach. Don’t forget your reusable utensils for your salads, reusable shopping bags for garbage and a light weight table cloth so that you can lay it on the sand before you have a meal.

Did you find this article useful? Do you know of any other snacks that we could take to the beach? Please share it with us.

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