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What to Take to The Beach: Gadgets - Best Portable Music Players

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You’re on your favorite beach with your favorite people having nothing short of a wonderful time when suddenly you wished you had your favorite music playing too. The thought of bringing an IPod or MP3 player to the beach is daunting anyways with all that sand, sun and water. So you decided to leave it behind.

Well, fear not! Here are some cool gadgets that can make it possible for you to bring your music along too.

1)    Eton - Soulra
gadgets_eton_soulraEton’s Soulra is a solar-powered sound system for the IPod and IPhone. It comes with a solar panel that gives at least five hours of play, depending on the sun, and even charges your IPod simultaneously. This portable boom box comes with eight speakers that will give you a stereo sound with full range speaker drivers and bass boost. Wait, you haven’t heard the best part about this device as yet. This system is also splash proof from all angles and it comes with a protective cover for your device along with a remote control. For more details on the Soulra read more from their site: http://www.etoncorp.com

2)    Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra
gadgets_eco_terraMaybe you want a boom box that is 100% water proof, floats in water and has a good sound. Then the Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra is for you. It has two large waterproof stereo speakers and you can use your IPod, IPhone, Black Berry or MP3 player. It even has a compartment to store your personal items like keys, cash and driver’s license. It does everything.
For more details on the Eco Terra click here: http://bit.ly/okiis4

3)    Grace Eco Extreme
gadgets_eco_extremeAnother useful gadget from the Grace family is the Eco Extreme. It’s a smaller version of the Eco Terra with a rubber protective body. It’s designed so that you can easily attach it to your belt or back pack. Its sound may not be as loud as the Eco Terra but it should be far better than using the speakers on your IPhone or Black Berry. Learn more on Eco Extreme from http://bit.ly/f4WLnx

4)    Bosh Power Box 360S
gadgets_bosh_power_box360SHeads up! This device could knock your head off if it’s being thrown around. Don’t believe me? Check out some You Tube videos (http://bit.ly/UNBcry) on the Bosh PB360S and you would be amazed at how hardy this music player is. This mean machine has 4 speakers, a subwoofer and is moisture and dust resistant. Sounds like the perfect beach party portable sound system. For more details on the Power Box click here: http://bit.ly/SfeC7l

gadgets_the_drop5)    The Drop by Zumreed
This beautifully designed portable drop shaped music player is water resistant. Your IPhone or MP3 can be placed safely inside the drop so that it is protected from sand and water. Hang it from your beach umbrella and enjoy. For more details on the Drop click here: http://bit.ly/JZLiio

6)    Hi-Sun backpack beach towel with speakers by Hi-Fun
gadgets_Hi_Sun_backpackHi-Sun is a uniquely designed sound system that comes with a beach towel and an inflatable pillow. The speakers are built into the pillow so all you have to do is lie down and connect your IPod or MP3 player to its 3.5mm universal jack. Although it is not a water resistant device it will come in handy if you prefer to simply lie in the sun. Once you’re done and you want to put it away you can transform it into a back pack. You can learn more on Hi-Sun click here: http://bit.ly/M0jlqW

Did you find this article useful? Do you know of any other good music players that we could take to the beach? Please share it with us.

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