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Simple Beach Photography – How to Take That Perfect Beach Photograph?

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The beach has always been a fabulous location to take your best beach photographs. You could be heading to the beach for a fun filled day with your family and friends or for a photo shoot to use the beach as your backdrop.

Either way there are a few things that you need to keep in mind of before taking that perfect picture. Here are some tips that could help you.

1) Right timing

It is always best to take a photograph on the beach early morning or in the evening. During the day the beach light could be too harsh to take a picture making the photograph look too bright. This is why taking pictures with a sunrise or a sunset is ideal as it can have much more interesting effects like shadows and colors. You will also find that there are less people at these times of the day so there will be less people in your picture.

2) The horizon line

If you’re taking a wide landscape shot try to place the horizon line at an angle. Try to avoid sloping lines or centered ones because it can make your picture look like it has been cropped. Consider using the rule of thirds for any strong lines. This rule will also come in handy for your subjects as it would make your photograph so much more interesting.

3) Angle your subjects according to the light

If your subjects are made to face the light at an angle you can prevent them from being back-lit or from squinting when looking directly at the sun.

4) Use filters

Using filters for your photographs can make it more attractive. In this case you can use a UV filter or a Polarizing filter by the beach. It will look like you have held a pair of sunglasses in front of your camera lens.

5) Use your flash

Almost every time you try to take a picture you will see a shadow across your subjects, especially across faces. Use your flash to fill those shadows in for a better picture.

6) Look for eye-catching subjects

Do all your beach shots look the same? Then look for interesting subjects so that you can focus on. It could be a starfish or footprints in the sand but it can make your picture look like it has a story to it. Moving closer to your subjects could also help make your picture look better.

7) Protect your camera

You’re on the beach so you have to be extra careful with your camera. Sea water, wind and sand can harm your camera a great deal. Leave your camera in the camera bag when you’re not using it. Make sure your camera is clean by wiping away any sand or sea spray with a soft cloth and a camera lens cleaner.

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